Wizards, Sorcery, and that Potter Fellow

What are wizards? What is witchcraft and sorcery? Due largely to a popular series of books and movies, most young people of at least 8 or 9 years of age are familiar with these terms. But, what do they really refer to?

Let us put it simply: A wizard is a male witch, also known as a sorcerer or a warlock. Witchcraft and sorcery refer to the use of magical powers. So, where do these magical powers come from?

Well, there are two powers in the universe that are greater than we are. One is the power of God, and the other is the power of the devil, who is also known as Satan. God always uses His power for good; Satan uses his for evil, although he tries to make it look like it is good. The greater of the two powers is God’s power. Now, we will try to explain.

The obvious question here is, “If God is more powerful, why doesn’t He stop Satan from doing evil?” Well, when God created human beings, he gave us the ability and freedom to choose which power we would ask for. That’s because He wants us to CHOOSE to serve Him, not be FORCED to do it. This is where we find the problem.

Satan can talk to our spirit just like God can, and he constantly lies to us and tells us that his power is better than God’s. He tells us that if we will do things his way, we will be happier than if we obey God. As a result, we often choose the power of the devil rather than letting the power of God overcome the temptation to do what Satan wants us to do. So, what does this have to do with wizardry?

When people become fascinated with the power of the devil, they may call upon him to display that power. Since that is the choice that they made, God does not stop them. They may even do supernatural things with the devil’s power which are against what God wants them to do. It is not until they realize how wrong they are and choose to serve God instead that God’s power prevails.

There was a man who lived during the 1st century, A.D., who practiced sorcery. But, then he saw the power of God at work in a follower of Jesus Christ, became convinced that God’s power is better, and gave up his sorcery.

Another man who lived during the same time had been crippled since birth. At the command of a follower of Jesus, the man stood up and was healed by the power of God.

Books and movies can make wizardry seem really cool, but what they are really teaching you is witchcraft, which comes from the power of the devil. The power of God is much, much better, and you will be amazed at the fascinating, supernatural things that God will allow you to do with it.

We were created by a Heavenly Father who loves us. But, Satan hates the Creator. That’s why he tries to get us to follow him and use his power. Don’t be fooled when he tells your spirit that his power is cool. It is a lie. We were created to serve God!

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