Why Does God Sometimes Allow Children to Die?

Occasionally, we hear about a child who has died, and our first question is "Why?" Both children and adults ask this question because it just doesn’t seem fair. We start to question God about His reasons for letting the child be involved in an accident or come down with a deadly disease. We say, “Couldn’t You have prevented this?” But, this is when we need to stop and remember that God’s purpose for each of us is much greater than the small part we play in it.

You see, God has a plan. In fact, it is really many plans that all work together. He has a big plan for all of mankind that dates back to Adam and Eve, and which is still going, and He has a bunch of smaller plans for each of us, all of which are part of the big plan. Sometimes those smaller plans take as long as 90 or 100 years to be finished, and sometimes those smaller plans take only 2 or 6 or 11 years. It is these shorter plans that make understanding so difficult, especially when we assume the child had his or her whole life still ahead.

A good example is an 11-year-old girl who was killed in an automobile accident just three weeks prior to the writing of this article. Elizabeth was sweet, gentle, helpful, and well liked by everyone who knew her in even the slightest way. So, when she died, it was difficult to understand why God took her away. It seemed like there was so much more for her to do. But, was there?

We need to understand that God’s purpose for Elizabeth was to be a blessing to people for just 11 years and 8 months. His plan for her was finished at the moment her car was hit by another vehicle. According to God’s plan for her life, there was nothing else for her to do. She had already fulfilled her purpose. That's the answer to the "why" question.

A story similar to the one about Elizabeth can be told about every other child who dies and, as painful as it is, we must recognize that God knows what He is doing. It is not for us to say that the child should have lived a lot longer.

It is important to remember that it is not how the child died that matters. God chooses whatever cause fits into His plan when He allows any of us to die. Even when a child dies because of the action of a bad person, that person’s wrong choice fit into God’s plan to end the life of the child at that point. God’s purpose for the child was over, and He simply used the sin of someone else to bring about the child’s death.

When you understand more fully that we are all created by God, and are created for His purposes, you can more easily accept the death of a child. It also helps to understand that God loves each of us more deeply than we can imagine, and to take a child home to Heaven is a very loving thing. Just think of the pain and trouble that will not be experienced by the child.

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