Answers to Questions About School

School! Math, science, history, reading, writing - It seems like you will never learn it all. What is so important about an education, anyway? This page will help you to understand. Just click on Why must I go to school?

You probably know that good behavior by the students helps everyone to learn. Why, then, do some kids misbehave? Let's look at what causes kids to act the way they do. You might be surprised by what you find at What's wrong with kids' behavior?

Being bullied at school, or through a text message or email by someone from school, is a very serious problem. Furthermore, you do not need to tolerate it. If this is happening to you, or to someone you know, you need to read What Can I Do If I'm Being Bullied By Someone at School?

What do you think a teacher's job is like? Do you think it is easy? The truth is, teaching is a really difficult job. After planning lessons, working with the students during class, grading assignments, checking homework, and dealing with behavior, a teacher is completely worn out by the end of the day. For more detail, click on The life of a teacher.

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