The Life of a School Teacher

Do you ever wonder what your teacher does to get ready for school? Does what teachers do in the classroom look easy? Before YOU decide to become a teacher, read the rest of this article.

A teacher’s “day” starts long before you get there. In fact, it usually starts several days ahead. After all, a teacher needs to plan the lessons and prepare the activities before you can learn from them. Then, the materials that you will use need to be made ready before kids come into the classroom. Also, don’t forget that this has to be done for each subject that you learn. So, before you get there, your teacher has done a lot of work.

During the day, the teacher has to think about teaching the lessons that he or she has prepared. At the very same time, the behavior of students needs to be watched, with special attention being given to kids who misbehave. Furthermore, the teacher must try to help students who are struggling with the work, or who have a personal issue to deal with. Also mixed in throughout the day is observing the students’ work and trying to give each student a grade for it, as well as checking homework or projects.

After you leave for the day, the teacher is often still at school for another hour or two. This is the time when he or she tries to catch up on grading papers, prepares for the next day, attends meetings, or has conferences with parents. Even then, the teacher may take some work home to do.

Don’t forget that teachers have families at home. Some teachers have children of their own to feed, bathe, and send to bed each evening. Then, the next morning, he or she has to do the same things that other parents do as they try to get their kids up again. A teacher’s home life is probably just as hectic as yours.

It is a good thing that God created some people to be teachers. It is a special job with special rewards. You can help your teacher, and the other students in your class, by being quiet, paying attention, and trying your best to learn. If everyone in the class would show respect to everyone else, the teacher will be able to do a fantastic job.

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