What Can I Do If I'm Being Bullied By Someone at School?

Is someone picking on you? If you are being bullied by someone at school, whether physically or emotionally, in person or via text message or email, the FIRST THING that you must do is TELL SOMEONE. Tell a teacher, tell the principal, tell your parents, tell your friend’s parents, tell a police officer - tell anyone who will listen to you. If no one will take you seriously, keep telling them. If you still don’t get the help you need, call a child abuse hotline, which you can find by going to the menu on the left, clicking on “About Parents,” then scrolling to the bottom of the page. What is happening is child abuse even if another child is doing it, and it is illegal in the United States.

Sometimes kids don’t tell someone because they are afraid of what the bully will do when he/she gets in trouble. It is certainly easy to understand that fear. That is why it is important to tell exactly what the person is doing so that the school and your parents can protect you from these things.

Another important thing to remember is that it is not your fault. It is the bully’s problem, not yours. You are simply the victim.

Whatever you do, remember that it won’t last forever. If you keep complaining, action will be taken. DON’T EVER GIVE UP! You were created by a loving God who wants you to have a happy life. But, there is evil in the world, and people who pick on other people are definitely evil. So, just keep doing the right thing and don’t let the evil overcome you.

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