What's Wrong With Kid's Behavior in School?

Up until about 40 years ago, most children behaved reasonably well in school. Sure, there was talking here and there, along with a note passed once in a while. But, for the most part, kids showed respect to their teachers. In fact, they showed respect to any adult. Then, things began to change.

First, some parents came along who were less strict with their children’s discipline than previous generations of parents had been. Then, some people started to say that spanking was wrong. Eventually, a whole generation of kids had learned that the punishment for doing the wrong thing wasn’t all that bad. No more being spanked with a paddle in front of the class. No more “whipping” from Dad when they got home. They might not have even lost any privileges.

The result: The majority of children apparently don’t respect their parents, their teachers, other adults, or even their peers. They ignore their teacher’s request to be quiet, they talk back to adults, they mistreat each other, and they have no fear of their parents’ discipline. Thus, their behavior in school reflects this attitude.

As you may be able to guess, God is not pleased. There are a lot of places in the Bible where He inspired people to write about how to raise kids. Therefore, He is not pleased with parents who have not done what He said. Likewise, He is not pleased with children who deliberately do the wrong thing even though they know the right thing to do.

The problem this presents in school is it makes it hard for the teacher to do his or her job, which makes it hard for students to learn. (See “Why must I go to school?” for more on the importance of learning.) The saddest thing about that is what it does to the student who misbehaves. He or she learns the least of anyone. Kids like that hurt themselves the most.

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