Answers to Questions About Parents

Sometimes kids don't understand their parents. It's hard to figure out why the answer is sometimes "yes" and other times "no." For an explanation of the reasons why you sometimes get permission, and other times you don't, click on Understanding parents' decisions.

Children sometimes feel like they are not trusted, and it can be real painful when the people who are supposed to raise you to be responsible don't trust you. Let's look at some of the reasons why trusting can be so hard for some folks, and what you might be able to do win their trust. Click on To Trust and to Be Trustworthy

Does it seem like some kids in your family - possibly YOU - have more chores to do than others? Does it seem like one child is getting all of the easiest chores? To shed some light on this subject, click on Why are they MY chores?

The question of what is the proper way to discipline children is answered in different ways by different people. For an explanation of some of the more common punishments and why parents try them, click on What is fair punishment?

Is spanking a proper way to discipline children, or is it child abuse? There are some people who definitely think that it is wrong. But, is it really? To understand about this more fully, click on Should parents spank their children?

Sometimes married people choose to get a divorce rather than stay married. Why does this happen? To help you understand, click on Why do parents sometimes divorce?

This is an especially serious page. It has to do with abuse. If someone - anyone - in your home is hurting you, there is a way to get help. We're not talking about ordinary sibling spats where there is a little bit of punching or kicking. We're talking about heavy hitting or improper touching. If you need help because you are being abused in some way, click on Child Abuse Hotline.

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