Why Do Parents Sometimes Divorce?

“My parents are getting a divorce.”

Have you ever said that, or had a friend say it to you? The words hurt, don’t they? It may feel as though the world is caving in. Even if there has been a lot of arguing, and getting divorced seems to be the only way to make the house peaceful again, it may still feel like your family is breaking apart. But, why does it happen in the first place?

First of all, when parents split, it is NEVER the children’s fault. The problem is always between the husband and wife. Sometimes the problem is about money and how to spend it; sometimes the problem exists because one or the other became attracted to another person; sometimes the problem happens because they don’t talk about things and work out their differences. Whatever the problem, it is not because the kids did something bad.

The problem is really quite simple. People get a divorce because they don’t commit to each other and do whatever it takes to succeed. If they fail to put God first in their lives, fail to realize that they need the power of God to help them work out the problems that they face, and fail to realize that they need His wisdom as they make decisions, they are more likely to be overcome by the evil that the devil brings. They don’t realize that God is the only one strong enough to overcome the devil. As a result, sometimes things happen that cause them to grow apart and give up on their marriage.

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