But I LIKE This Style of Music!

Have you ever heard some religious people use the term,"the devil's music?" Usually, they are referring to a song that has a heavy beat and fairly loud volume. Well, take heart, because here comes the truth.

The devil does not have the ability to create. Let me say it again. The devil does NOT have the ability to CREATE! He cannot write songs nor anything else. He can only DISTORT what God has created.

God is the creator of all things. God created beautiful melodies and pleasing rhythms for both His pleasure and ours. But the devil, also known as Satan, hates God and wants to destroy what He has created. So, since bands and singers are something that people enjoy listening to, Satan has caused some musicians to turn away from God and use their songs to give bad messages.

All styles are pleasing to God if the song has good words. All types of instruments can be used to perform it. The Bible even talks about using instruments that have to be banged on, crashed together, or that make loud sounds.

Whatever style you like, feel free to enjoy it as long as the words give good messages.

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