What's Wrong With the Lyrics In My Music?

There's more to music than the melody. Consider this:

Do you ever find yourself singing a song that you've heard? The lyrics - that is, the words - stick in your memory, and sometimes it seems like they won't go away. Chances are, you've heard the song over and over again, which causes you to remember the song even if you weren't trying to.

That's why it is very important to be careful about what kinds of songs you listen to, whether you listen to them on the radio, on a CD, or on a music video. Ask yourself, "What are they saying? Are they singing good words, words that will help me and make me feel good? Or, are the words about doing bad things?"

God wants us to think about good things. Since the melody and rhythm in a song make it easy to memorize the lyrics, it is a good idea to make sure that you know what the performers are telling you through their song. If it is not something that you think God wants you to memorize and sing along with, then maybe you shouldn't listen to it. There are plenty of songs with good lyrics to listen to instead.

Be sure to read, "Where to find GOOD music."

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