Why Isn't Life Fair?

To understand why life is not fair, we need to look at God's original plan for life on Earth.

God intended for everyone to worship and obey Him, to get along with each other perfectly, and to never have any problems. But, God has an enemy, whose name is Satan (also called the devil), and God allowed Satan to live on Earth amongst the people that God had created. Satan wanted to be God and tried to get the people to do what he said, instead of what God said. So, God decided to let the people choose who they would obey.

Unfortunately, beginning with the first two people that God ever created, Adam and Eve, and continuing all the way until today, the people have decided to do what Satan said to do. That's because Satan makes it look like a good thing, but really it isn't. Have you ever hit someone, or stolen something, or played a prank, or disobeyed your parents because you thought it would feel real good to do it? You gave into the temptation from the devil. In other words, you sinned, and that's why life isn't fair.

You see, since people have chosen to obey Satan instead of God, God has allowed sickness, accidents, wars, money problems, and all kinds of other bad things to happen. It's not that God hates us - in fact, He loves us - but it's kind of God's way of giving us what we ask for. WE have decided to obey Satan instead of God. Therefore, WE must suffer the consequences. It's just like when you disobey your parents and they let you suffer the consequences of your actions, not because they hate you, but because they love you and want you to learn from your mistakes.

You might be thinking that God might not want us in heaven with Him some day because of all of the wrong things that we've done. Well, here's the good news! About 2,000 years ago, God sent His son, Jesus Christ, to take the punishment for our sins by being killed. Then, right after that, God brought him back to life and took him back to heaven. Now, since he did that, all each of us has to do to still be allowed into heaven is to ask Jesus Christ to come into our heart (the center of our life) and take over. When we do that, God will forgive us, and then send His Holy Spirit to live inside of us to be a guide as we go through the rest of our lives. Since a spirit can go anywhere, the Holy Spirit is able to live in the heart of every person who believes that Jesus is the only way to heaven.

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