My Life: How Do I Change My Behavior?

Have you ever gotten frustrated with your life because you wanted to change your behavior, but just couldn’t seem to do it? Changing old habits and instant reactions can be very difficult, but take heart. It’s easier than you think.

We’ll be very direct and to-the-point about this. The way to change your behavior is to let God take over. If you open your heart to Him and confess that you need His help, He will provide you with the power to change the things that you do and the way that you handle problems.

When you open your heart to God, you actually open your heart to His Son, Jesus, because Jesus is the one who came to Earth and paid the price for the things that you do wrong. When you do this, the Holy Spirit will come to live inside of you, and that is where you get the power to change, as well as help in knowing how to live. Jesus will take over and make you a better person.

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