What Is Life All About?

Life can be real confusing for kids - and grown-ups, too. Sometimes we feel unloved, unwanted, and unworthy of anything good. But, that's not the way we were meant to feel.

Imagine being deeply loved simply for being who you are. Imagine having a purpose, a reason for being alive, that is your purpose and no one else's. Now, imagine having that purpose long before you were born. That is what God meant for you.

God created everything. He created Earth. He created the other planets. He created the entire universe. And, yes, He created you.

God knew His plan for you even before you began to grow inside your mother. He designed you to be exactly who you are, with special talents and abilities that He wants you to use as you live according to His plan. With perfect love, He created you exactly when He wanted you to live, and you will continue to live for exactly as long as He wants you to. He created you to do certain things that only you were designed to do. It's kind of like if you made a tool to help you to do a job. God made you to help Him do the job that He is doing.

You are not an accident! It doesn't matter if your parents did not plan to have you. God planned to have you. It doesn't matter what kind of person your father was, or if your mother wasn't married to your father, or what wrong thing might have happened that led to your mother having a baby. YOU are NOT a mistake!

God created you for a purpose. For that reason, He loves you and also wants you to love Him. That is what life is all about.

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