Will God Heal Me When I've Been Hurt?

This is not a perfect world, and sometimes people get hurt very deeply. If you have read “Why Isn’t Life Fair?” you know why. But, God knows about your pain, and He wants to help.

Just because God allows bad things to happen, it doesn’t mean that He won’t be there to help you overcome those bad things. In fact, He will be there every step of the way. After all, He created you and loves you very much.

Since God created you, He also has the power to heal you. He can help you to feel like going on with your life, He can make the pain go away, and He can also fix any part of your body that may have been injured. Most importantly, if you've been hurt by another person, He can give you the power to forgive the person who did the wrong thing.

You see, God did not put us here on Earth and then just leave us to fend for ourselves. Even though we have to put up with sorrow, tragedy, and pain, He stays right with us, soothing us with His Spirit, helping us to overcome our hurt feelings and become happy and joyful once again. All you have to do is trust Him with your whole heart.

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