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Is Heaven a real place? You bet it is! The Bible tells us about a city made of pure gold and every kind of precious stone. These gems decorate the foundations of the walls of the city. There are also giant gates, and each one is made of a single giant pearl. There is a river that is as clear as crystal, and trees that yield fruit every month. God and Jesus are in heaven, and the glory of God is so bright that there is no longer the need for a sun or moon. Since God is there, death and mourning and crying and pain will no longer exist. We're talking about a place of pure happiness and joy forever and ever!

In 1989, God allowed a man to die and then miraculously come back to life 90 minutes later. During that hour and a half that he was dead, this man went to this wonderful place that we're talking about. He tells of seeing a gate made from a pearl, of colors that are much more beautiful and vivid than anything on Earth, and of music that is much different and much prettier than music on Earth. He also tells of feeling more alive than ever before, and of feeling like he was home.

Yes, kids, although we don't know where it is, Heaven is very real. It is the place that God created for those who love Him. It is the place where Jesus Christ is right now, preparing a home for those who have asked him to come into their heart. It is the place where your soul will live in a new, glorified body forever and ever if you have asked him to come into your heart.

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