Why Is a Balanced Diet Good for My Health?

In school, as you have learned about health, you have likely been taught about food groups and what is in each of those groups. You may even have been taught what those good foods contain that is good for you. But, do you have to eat all of them?

Of course, you don’t need to eat every possible food. Since we are all different, it is normal to like the taste of some things, but not others. But, it IS important to eat SOMETHING from each of the food groups. The reason is BALANCE.

You see, God created edible things (that is, things that it is okay to eat) that will give us all of the nutrition that we need to be healthy. But, if we eat too much of one thing and not enough of another, we become out of balance, and too much of one thing (that is otherwise good for us) can be a bad thing.

We are kind of like a fine-tuned machine that requires a specific formula in order to work properly, and the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fiber that are found in the food groups are all part of that formula. But, the formula must be made according to a recipe that keeps all of those things in balance. If you have ever tasted something that had too much salt, or maybe too much of some other ingredient, you know what I mean. Those ingredients need to be there, but in the proper amounts.

We encourage you to study information about the food groups and try to learn as much as you can about balance.

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