Why Are My "Friends" So Mean?

Ask yourself this question: “If they are being mean to me, are they really my friends?”

Everyone wants to be liked, and no one wants to be disliked. That is human nature. But, the truth is, you aren’t going to be “best buddies” with everyone you meet. In fact, some people just are not nice.

When deciding whom to hang out with, sometimes you make mistakes. Once in a while, someone that you thought was really nice turns out to be cruel. They may be nice to you, but you start to see them being mean to others. Or, they may be mean to you.

When this happens, usually you can just walk away and stop being around them. You may need to explain to them why you don’t want to be around them anymore, but walking away may be fairly easy. But, what about the times when this former pal starts doing cruel things to you?

Start with prayer. God wants to help, but He often waits for us to ask for help before He does anything. He can make things happen that give you protection, He can give you wisdom that helps you know what to do, and He can even change the mean person’s heart. For more on praying for your friends that you are having trouble with, go back to Answers to Questions About Friends and click on “What to do when they won’t talk to you.”

There’s one last thing to remember. If someone is doing cruel things to you over and over again, you need to tell a teacher or an administrator. Everyone has the right to be safe at school. If the mean things are happening in your neighborhood, tell your parents. It may even be necessary to tell the police. Don’t just do nothing.

Okay, one more last thing to remember. There are enough kids who WILL like you that you don’t need to try to be friends with those who won’t.

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