Why Do Friends Argue?

Friends argue about a variety of things. Where to hang out. Who to hang out with. What to do while you are hanging out. How to play a game. What one of them said. What one of them did. Disagreements and misunderstandings are very common between people. So, what should you do when you get into an argument with someone?

First, ask yourself if the problem is worth arguing about. Most of the time, people argue over little things that don’t really matter. Once you realize how silly the argument is, it is usually fairly easy to say, “Hey, this is silly. It doesn’t really matter, does it?” Then, you call a truce, compromise, and forget about it.

What was that word – compromise? Yep, if each of you gives in a little, you should both be reasonably happy. But, if one or both of you stubbornly stands firm, you just might damage your friendship.

The truth is, friends argue because they care about each other. They care about each other’s ideas, opinions, and desires. So, when they disagree, they are likely to try to change the other’s mind because they really want to agree with each other, and it hurts when they don’t agree. Unfortunately, it also hurts when they argue, so they really need to follow the advice given above.

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