What Do I Do When I Feel Sad?

The good news is you probably won’t feel sad for a real long time. But, how long you are sad usually depends on why you are sad. So, lets look at some reasons.

Most of the time sadness will be gone in less than a day, like if someone hurt your feelings, or you injured yourself, or you misbehaved and were punished for it. In those cases it might help to find something else to think about . . . well, unless you’re being punished. Then you might think about what you did wrong so that you don’t do it again. (See “What is Fair Punishment?” which can be found under “About Parents.”) But, thinking about other things takes your mind off of what is making you sad.

Sometimes sadness lasts longer, like with major punishment (grounding, loss of a cherished privilege) or in a time of loss. If someone has died or gone away, you might be sad for a fairly long time, but even then it will eventually get better. It just takes time.

So, what to do depends partly on what is making you sad, and partly on what, if anything, you can do to make the sadness go away. It has a lot to do with your attitude toward life. Are you going to make the best of what has happened, or are you going to keep thinking about it and let it get you down?

If your sadness is really deep and you can’t seem to find anything that will help, we suggest that you read, “I Feel Like I Live in Darkness,” which is under “About Feelings.”

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