Answers to Questions About Dying

One of the things that some people fear the most is dying. Since they don't know what will happen, they are afraid. But, the mystery about death does not need to be so confusing. For a simple explanation, click on What happens when you die?

Have you ever known someone who has an illness that the doctor says they will die from? Have you wanted to help them, but didn't know what you could do? For suggestions, click on How to help people who are dying.

Is heaven a real place? What does it look like? Where is it? Is God there? These are normal questions that people might have. For answers, click on All about heaven.

It is difficult for anyone to understand when a child dies. It is especially difficult for a child to understand the death of a sibling or friend. It seems like they had their whole life ahead of them. But, did they? For understanding, click on Why do children die?

Perhaps you have heard of a place called hell. Do you wonder what it is, or where it is? Maybe you even want to know if you might have to go there. The truth is, God does not desire for anyone to go to hell. To learn more about this good news, click on Do children ever go to hell?

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