How to Help People Who Are Dying

Slowly dying from an illness or old age is something that many people face. Perhaps you have had someone in your family, or maybe a close friend of the family, die this way. Maybe you know someone who is going through this difficult time right now. Have you wanted to help, but haven’t known how? Let’s explore some ways that you can serve them and help keep it from being a lonely time for them.

First of all, since you are a child, the person that you help should be someone that you and your parents know very well. You shouldn’t ever go to the home of someone who you don’t really know, at least not alone, anyway. Your parents will be able to determine if it is safe.

One thing that you can do is get them things that they need. Bring in the newspaper, fetch their robe and slippers, or bring medicine and a glass of water. Possibly, if you are old enough, you could fix their breakfast or some other meal.

Another thing is help them get up out of their bed or chair, help them sit down again, hold onto them and steady them when they walk, or take them outside for some fresh air. When people are in pain, or just old and feeble, their body just doesn’t work as well as it used to, so they need help.

How about reading to them? When people get old, they can’t see as well as when they were young. Also, some diseases affect eyesight. Reading their favorite book or magazine to them might be welcome. Many may want to hear the Bible read to them. Whatever they want to hear, you can be their eyes as well as give a voice to their favorite literature.

Have you ever sat and listened to an older person? They usually have many stories to tell, stories that have a moral to them. You can gain much wisdom by listening to someone who is much older and wiser than yourself. Even a younger person who is dying of a disease can teach you lessons that they are learning from their experience. So, why not just sit and listen while they use their dying days to your benefit?

Whatever you do to help someone who is dying, the most important thing, the thing that will mean the most, is just being there. God put you on Earth to serve other people. He also considers what you do for someone else to be like doing it for Him. In other words, God wants you to serve Him by serving others. Who knows? Maybe someday you will be the one that is served by a loving, caring child.

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