Who Is the Devil?

Why would a loving God create the devil? If Satan is so evil, why doesn’t God protect you from him so that he can’t tempt you to sin? Isn’t God more powerful than him? These are all good questions. To answer them, let’s start from the beginning.

God created Satan as a very beautiful angel named Lucifer. But, Lucifer decided that he wanted to be God. So, he became defiant and began to work against Him. It’s kind of like when a child decides that he wants to be in control instead of letting his parents be in charge, and he becomes defiant and disobeys his parents. This is what “the evil one” did. Lucifer disobeyed and, of course, God was angry, so he sent him to live on Earth. Then God renamed him Satan, which means "adversary."

Well, as you know, people live on Earth, and since Satan was angry about being thrown out of heaven, he decided to get back at God by trying to get God’s people to obey him instead of God. That is why you are tempted to do the wrong things sometimes.

Time for a good news, bad news scenario. The bad news first, which is sin must be punished. However, since God loves you very much, the good news is he sent his son, Jesus Christ, to take the punishment for you by being nailed to a cross until he died. If you will believe that Jesus did this for you and ask him to come into your heart (the center of your life), God will forgive you, will send His Holy Spirit to live inside of you so that you will have the strength to say “no” to Satan when he tempts you to do the wrong thing, and will allow you to go to heaven when you die.

Yes, God, being totally good, is more powerful than “the evil one,” but God decided to give us a choice. It makes Him real happy when we choose to do what He wants instead of what the devil wants.

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