Why Are They MY Chores?

One of the issues in sibling rivalry has to do with chores. In the fight over equality, someone is always going to think they are getting “all of the work” dumped on THEM. So, let’s take a look at how parents decide who does what.

Usually, the first thing that is considered is age. You don’t really expect a 5-year-old to be able to do as much work as a 10-year-old, do you? The amount of work that a child can handle increases gradually with age. School is the same way. Young children aren’t given as much work to do as older students.

Another thing that parents consider is the difficulty of the job. Can you imagine a small child hauling the garbage cans out to the curb? Of course not, but he can pick up his toys and put them away.

How about the degree of responsibility required to do the job? No parent is going to ask a 6-year-old to mow the lawn. It is too dangerous for a child that age. But, a 12-year-old could do it.

You know, God also doesn’t give you any more than you can handle. Since He created you, He knows your limits. Furthermore, since He is God, He also gives you the strength to do whatever He asks you to do. To learn more about God and the relationship that He wants to have with you, go to the menu on the left side of this page, click on “About God,” and read all of the articles listed on that page.

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