Answers to Questions About God

Many of the questions kids have are about God. You may be wondering just who He is. To learn about Him as a person, click on Who is God?

Was Jesus just a special person, or something more? Was he really raised from the dead? To find the answers to these questions, click on Who is Jesus?

Do you know why it is now the year 2010? It is 2,010 years since something, but what? What Does the Year Have To Do with Jesus?

Have you ever wondered about the book call the Bible? It is the best selling book of all time, but many people have no idea what is in it. Here is a brief explanation. What is the Bible?

We have a Father who lives in Heaven who loves us very much. But, sometimes it is hard to believe that He really does when bad things have happened. It is also hard to believe sometimes when our experiences with our earthly father haven't been very good. To learn about our Creator's great love for us, click on Does God really love me?

Some people feel a lot of pressure to try real hard to please our heavenly Father. If you feel this way, you will be glad to know that pleasing Him is a lot easier than you think. For more on this, click on How do I please Him?

Fattening foods sure taste good, but are they good for you? Have you ever wondered what God thinks? For some "food for thought" click on Does God care if I'm fat?

Many people are confused about what to do. They're not sure what is right and what is wrong. To understand how you may know, click on How do I know what to do?

Sometimes we are deeply hurt by things that happen to us. When other people do wrong things to us, it is easy to think that no one cares. The truth is, your Creator cares. To understand more, click on Will He heal me when I'm hurt?

Who is the devil? This really is not too hard to understand, since the devil, who is also known as Satan, is the one who tempts us to do the wrong things sometimes. To learn about him and how we can resist him, click on Who is the Devil?

Supernatural power can be fascinating. Wizards, sorcery, witchcraft; but, what is it really all about? To find out, click on Wizards, Sorcery, and that Potter Fellow

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