Who Is God?

Who is God? Well, imagine someone who knows everything there is to know. Imagine someone who has the power to do anything he wants to, and nothing is impossible with him. Imagine someone who is everywhere, all the time, all at once, yet has the time to spend helping you. Imagine someone who knows no time limits.

There's no way that you can actually "see" Him before you get to Heaven. God is a spirit that human eyes can't see. However, you can know Him by what He does. Perhaps, when you learn science, you discover how detailed your body is, especially on the inside. You also discover how detailed lower animals and all kinds of plants are. You learn about our planet, its climate, and the solar system. Maybe you've even seen pictures of our universe taken with a powerful telescope and marveled at the amazing sights. Science shows us some of what the Almighty Creator can do.

Your Heavenly Father also shows you His soft side. Imagine being loved just for being you, no strings attached, nothing that you have to do to "earn" love, just perfect love. He not only loves you with perfect love, He IS Love. Without Him, there is no such thing as love.

To more fully understand the love of the One who made you and knows everything there is to know about you, go back to Answers to Questions About God and then click on "Does God Really Love Me?"

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