Does God Really Love Me?

Although most people say they believe in God, the problem that a lot of them have is they don't believe that He really loves them. In fact, they might even think that He hates them, usually because they do the wrong things sometimes. They might be afraid that they aren't going to go to heaven when they die. Well, here's an easy-to-understand explanation of how much your Heavenly Father loves you. It has very much to do with the wrong things that you do.

It is because people sin (do wrong things) that Jesus Christ was born. Basically, what he did was take the punishment for your sins by dying after being nailed to a cross. Then, he went to heaven to prepare a place for everyone who believes in him. That's right, he did this so that YOU can go to heaven. All you have to do is ask Jesus to come into your heart so that you will be forgiven for all of the wrong things you do. Once you do that, you can be sure that you are going to heaven.

What does this have to do with God's love? Everything! When Jesus died for you, it was the same as if God died for you. He loves you so much that He basically came to Earth as a man and took your punishment upon Himself. How much greater does love get than that?

To learn more about asking Jesus to come into your heart, go to the menu on the left side of this page and click on "Ask Jesus In." We also suggest that you read, "Who is Jesus?", which can be found by going back to Answers to Questions About God

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