How Do I Know What God Wants Me to Do?

To most people, even Christians sometimes, God seems to be very far away. It seems like it is impossible to truly know what He wants them to do. However, our Creator does talk to us, and we can talk to Him, too.

Let’s start with talking to Him. When we pray, we are talking to God. Since He is the one who made us, talking to Him should be like talking to our father – a father who is always interested in what we have to say, always knows the right thing to do, and will always do whatever is best for us. It is during prayer that we thank Him for helping us, as well as ask Him for the things that we hope He’ll give us. When we pray, we can say whatever we want, and our Heavenly Father will hear us.

Our Father talks to us in a variety of ways. Most often, He talks to us through the Holy Spirit. You see, when you let Him have control of your life (by believing in His Son, Jesus), the Holy Spirit comes into you and lives inside of you. Since he is inside of you, he is able to give you a “gut feeling” that tells you what is right or wrong. God also talks to us through the words of the Bible. By studying the Bible and learning what it says, you can know what the right thing is. The Holy Spirit will help you to remember the words. A third way that the Father sometimes talks to people is by saying something that almost sounds as if there is someone in the room saying it. The voice is inside, but you may hear it so distinctly that you know beyond a doubt that it came from Him.

However the Creator speaks to you, the most important thing is to give Him control of your life by asking Jesus to come into your life. When you do that, you will have the Holy Spirit as a guide, and if you listen carefully, you will know what to do.

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