Children Have Questions. We Have Answers. What's Your Question?

Hey, kids, do you have questions . . . BIG questions . . . that you can't find answers to? Questions like, "What is life about?" or "What happens when you die?" Or, maybe you want to know who God is, how to get along with your parents, or how to settle an argument with a friend.

Welcome to a website for children that is designed to help you when you are confused. Here you will find out what to do when you have these questions, plus many others. Here you will find the help you need.

So, no matter how big your question, or even if you are just curious, this is the place to go to find out what you need to know.

Answers to Questions About Friends
Some of the greatest rewards - and trials - while growing up have to do with your peers. Here is some advice about having friends - and BEING a friend.
Answers to Questions About Life
Life can be confusing. Here is where you can find out what the purpose of life is and how you fit into it.
Answers to Questions About God
If you are wondering about God and His Son, Jesus, you can find the answers here. We will explain the mystery of a creator who has a plan for all of us.
Answers to Questions About Dying
Everyone dies some day. Does this scare you? Are you afraid of dying? Click on this page to learn about the mystery of death.
Answers to Questions About Feelings
Emotions can be very powerful. Whether our feelings are happy, sad, embarrassed, loved, depressed, etc., can greatly affect our lives. Here are some articles that might help.
Answers to Questions About Health
Maintaining good health is essential for a productive life. Here are some things to think about.
Answers to Questions About School
From shortly after your earliest memory, you have been attending school. This page helps you to understand why.
Answers to Questions About Parents
Parents can frustrate their children. Likewise, children can frustrate their parents. Here are some common complaints, plus advice about how to be a partner with your mom and dad instead of an enemy.
Answers to Questions About Music
There is a lot of music to listen to out there. When choosing what to listen to, it is important to think about the message of the song. This page gives some guidelines.
How Do I Ask Jesus to Come Into My Heart?
If you are ready to ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart and take over control of your life, this is the page to go to.